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Benefits of Public Relations

If you want to get the word out about your business, then PR is the way to do it!

Public Relations can reach a large audience, if done right, without the expensive cost of traditional marketing and advertising.

Here are our top reasons for choosing PR:

1. Awareness

Public Relations helps build brand awareness which can help achieve your company goals such as sales, winning awards and attracting new employees. For a new company in particular, it is important to think about your goals. Are you trying to create a brand or make sales? Obviously, you can do both but how you do it is the important part!
By building a brand with proper PR and marketing, sales will follow and lead to stronger customer loyalty in the long run. However, if your initial thought is to just make sales without creating the necessary foundation, it could have a negative effect on the brand’s longevity.

2. Cost Effective

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When compared to Advertising, Public Relations is far more cost effective. For instance, when you draft a press release, you can send this to as many media outlets and journalists as you want, whereas buying advertising can add up quickly!
Yes, PR isn't guaranteed coverage like paid coverage but it is seen as far more effective when it does happen.

3. Target Market

With PR, it is easier to create a targeted campaign. For example, say your target market are teenagers, then you would start by crafting a strategy that targeted any publication or online site that they would read or visit. Whether it is a social media influencer strategy or video marketing strategy, your PR will connect your brand with the right media outlets and contacts so that you can grow your company.

4. SEO Benefits

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By getting coverage on online sites, more than likely the publication will link back to your site. This will in turn improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as your site is being linked to by trusted media outlets and will allow it to rank better.

5. Credibility

When looking to buy, consumers do their research. Let's face it we have gotten more cautious with our spending! It is important for brands to have credibility to be a strong business.
As we know Public Relations and Advertising are two different things and consumers are far more likely to give brands credibility when they see them mentioned in media outlets (that have not been paid for!) compared to paid for content such as Advertising.
A Nielsen study was carried out in 2014 regarding the impact of content on the decision-making process of the consumer. It was concluded that PR is approximately 90% more effective than advertising.

A shot of a twenty euro note

As you can see, PR that is correctly undertaken has many benefits and can carry results better than advertising or traditional marketing. As we have seen it is also a proven fact that PR is far more credible than that of traditional marketing.

If PR is not currently a part of your Marketing Strategy, it may be time to implement a Public Relations Strategy that complements your existing marketing plan