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Get to Know - Casmara Skincare

Casmara is a Spanish skincare range from Valencia in Spain. It was developed by a beauty therapist in the 1970’s and is always at the forefront of technology. They developed the world's first peel off masks, were one of the first companies to use Probiotics in their facials and thanks to their in house development are constantly developing new technologically advanced treatments while also harnessing the most active ingredients from Nature.

casmara autumn

Q1 Do you have a natural range of products?

'Yes. The Ocean Miracle range from Casmara Irl is 100% natural and has a very high percentage of organic ingredients and has been awarded an Eco cert. It is vegan and vegetarian safe. Casmara take sea water and filter it to remove the salt which leaves a sea plasma which is almost identical to blood plasma. It is extremely rich in nutrients and minerals, they then add wakame kelp. This is the main ingredient in miso soup. Studies have shown that Japanese people live so long and age so well because of their high intake of kelps and seaweed particularly wakame kelp. Studies have shown that wakame is particularly effective on tightening and firming the lines at either side of the mouth and sagging around the chin area which are often the first signs of ageing. So Ocean Miracle products are tightening, firming, hydrating and totally natural. There are 5 products in the range a cleanser, fresh and plus serum and moisturising and nourishing moisturisers.'

casmara cleanser range

Q2 Are Casmara products multi functional?

'Yes. All of the Casmara cleanser are 3 in 1...they are cleansers, eye makeup removers and toners in one. Our Green Tea cleanser is 4 in 1 as it can also be used as an exfoliator when used on dry skin with a skin brush or dry cloth.All our cleanser hydrate while they cleanse so they will not dry out your skin. With prices starting at just €20 this is exceptional value.'

casmara luxury range

Q3 What Casmara Product should I be using now?

'As the seasons change and coming out of such a great Summer skin can be very dehydrated and a great serum is a must. casmara have a range of serums for every skin type ranging from our Luxury serum containing Vitamins A,C,E and Camellia oil which is anti ageing, hydrating but soothing so is ideal for sensitive skin or those prone to redness.
We also love the Regenerating serum which contains Argireline an anti ageing peptide made up of 6 amino acids which gives a botox effect relaxing muscles and reducing fine line. Casmara serums start from under €40 so you can look after your skin without breaking the bank.'

casmara DD Cream

Q4 What is new from Casmara?

'Camara have just launched 2 new products. Their Daily Defence or DD cream which is a tinted moisturiser which protects your skin from pollution and UVA and B it contains an SPF 30 it also protects from blue light so is ideal for those working in front of screens all day or just spending too long on their phones. It come in 2 great colours light and dark and leaves skin looking even and glowing.
They have also launched a new Urban Protect Micellar Water which creates a protective shield against 3 types of pollution UV light, atmospheric pollution and chemical agents. So it strengthens the protective barriers of the skin while cleansing thoroughly.'

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