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Get to Know - GlowDry Australia


GlowDry Australia is a revolutionary new product for fake tan lovers and a game changer for busy lifestyles. GlowDry has created convenience and comfort so tanning at any time of the day is now possible. Never let a fake tan hold you back again!

GlowDry was created and developed by Fiona Dunne, a professional spray tan technician and new mum of one. Hailing from Dublin, deathly pale and fake tan obsessed, Fiona found her tanning routine changed after becoming a busy mum in Perth, Western Australia – where it is mostly hot!
Despising the wet sticky feeling and smell, while waiting for the tan to develop Fiona set her sights on creating a solution.

Made with just 4 all natural ingredients: Organic Starch, Organic West Australian Clay, Natural Mica Minerals & Fragrance.

  • Dries your fake tan instantly so you can get fully dressed
  • Masks those pesky fake tan odours with a fresh beachy scent
  • Leaves skin soft and silky, no more stickiness
  • Reduces transfer of tan to clothes and sheets

Simply apply your fake tan of choice (self-tanner or spray tan) and brush on GlowDry powder after. Glow! Dry! Go!

Cruelty Free, Talc Free, Vegan Friendly & Australian Made


The Starter Kit (RRP €31)

GlowDry powder is specifically formulated with key absorbing ingredients to set your tan in place until you rinse. Rose gold in colour and talc free it doesn’t leave any white marks – it blends to your tans guide colour.
Containing natural mica minerals GlowDry leaves a subtle illuminised glow.
The Starter Kit includes a body brush for application. There are approx. 15 – 20 full body applications per kit.


The Bestie (RRP €43)

The Bestie is the perfect for the converted. “She’s” the bestie that always has your back!
150g refill pouch of GlowDry powder – simply refill your pot and go.
Meaning less packaging, less waste and less impact on the environment. Just buy the starter kit once.
The starter kit contains a jar filled with 60g of powder so this refill will fill your jar up two times with a bit left over.

Head to www.glowdryaustralia.com.au to get your paws on GlowDry